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Constitution : Part I - MAIN LAWS


Section 1.

Elections for the office in the Councils of the Guild will be held by a single non-transferable secret ballot. No member shall vote by proxy.

Section 1.

General Body shall elect delegates of General Council on a percentage representation method at least 45 days before the Meeting of General Council.

Section 2.

At least two months before the Meeting of General Council, number of delegates to be elected from each Branch will be decided and informed to the respective RCs by the Central Executive Council based on the number of Members (as per Membership Register) at the Branches concerned.

Section 3.

Regional Council shall inform the Branches regarding the number of delegates to be elected by them.

Section 4.

Election of the Delegates will be by the Branch for the number of delegates assigned to branch concerned.

Clause C.

Section 1. Election to the Central Executive Council/ Regional Executive Councils/ Branch Councils shall be completed by the 31st December/ 15th December/ 1st December respectively of the year in which they are due to be held.
Section 2. Election commission shall be appointed by 5th October of the Year of Election.

Section 3.

The membership list as on 30th September of the year of election shall comprise the votersí list for the purpose of the elections.

Section 4.

Elections to the Central Executive Council/ Regional Executive Councils/ Branch Councils shall be held by election commissions appointed for this purpose after due notification to the members concerned, as per schedule of programme to be decided by the Election Commission concerned.

Section 5.

The decision of the Election Commissions shall be final on all matters concerning the elections, but the commissions shall reply to all objections raised by any agent or contestant in writing within a period of one month from the date of announcement of the programme of the elections or the declaration of the result as the case may be.

Section 6.

In case any member is not satisfied with the decision of the election Commission, he shall have recourse to the court of Law located at the seat of the Central/ Regional/ Branch Council concerned.
Section 7. Any Member of Guild, subject to Article II Clause C Section 3, shall be eligible for the election to the posts of President, Vice President, General Secretary, and Assistant General Secretary.
Section 8. Members from seat of Central Executive Council only will be eligible for the posts of Treasurer and Secretaries of the Central Executive Council.
Section 9. Members from the seat of Regional Executive Council only shall be eligible for the election to the posts in Regional Executive Council.
Section 10. Members from the seat of Branch Council only shall be eligible for the election to the posts in Branch Council.
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