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Issues taken up with management - 2006



15 February 2006

The Chairman
Airports Authority of India
Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan
New Delhi- 110003

Recruitment and Promotion Rules


It is learnt that the draft R & P rules is on the agenda of 16 February AAI Board meeting. This development is disturbing since it negates the firm assurance made to us by you on the final draft being discussed with us prior to seeking Board’s approval. ATC Guild reiterates its serious reservations on the draft that the management failed to respond to:

  1. Multi-level Induction in Executive Cadre:

The draft R&P Rules proposes three-level induction into the ATC Cadre viz. at E-1, E-3 and E-6 levels. The Guild hopes that the management realizes that there are no people available in the open market with ATC knowledge or experience. Also, induction into the cadre at higher level (and age) effectively reduces the person’s professional life.

  1. Inferior service Rules:

The terms and conditions on which employees were absorbed into NAA and later into AAI stipulates that inferior service conditions can not be imposed at a later date. The service condition in AAI must be in conformity with the sections 10, 18, 41, and 42 of the AAI Act 1994. The draft R&P rules, if adopted, will violate this stipulation. As an example, as per the new proposal, one has to complete 5 years at each level for promotion from E-6 to E-7, E-7 to E-8 and E-8 to E-9 levels as against the existing provision of 3 years eligibility criteria for promotion from E-6 to E-8 level directly. For promotion to Executive Director, Guild proposes the criteria of 20 years experience including 1 year as GM, similar to the criteria for promotion to Member, where 1 year experience as GM is required. It may be noted that with this ill-conceived proposal of 5 years as GM as eligibility for promotion to ED level, there will be nobody eligible for promotion from among the present GMs as they will all retire before they complete this stipulation.

  1. Stagnation Relief:

As the recruitment is not streamlined, the R&P Rules should cater to stagnation – both in present and in future. The draft R&P Rules is void of such relief, whereas in the existing rules such provisions exist. It is the Guild’s opinion that provision of such stagnation relief in the framework of R&P rules will be a healthy sign especially in the ATC discipline which has a direct relationship with the safety.

  1. Non-relevant qualifications at various levels:

The draft R&P rules propose various qualifications which are not related to the job. For example, what could be the rationale of having an MBA qualification for promotion in ATC Cadre where the job requires qualifications in ATC field and not in management?

AAI is contemplating introduction of new (higher) qualification as eligibility criteria for promotion. An executive who has contributed towards organisational goals for last 20 years and has already got two or three promotions cannot be declared ineligible for further promotion just because he does not have B.E. degree.

It is hoped that the AAI management realizes the harm that the draft R&P rules, as proposed, will cause to the entire executive cadre, especially in the ATC cadre. It is requested that the management meaningfully finalise R&P Rules in consultation with the Associations, before putting up to the Board for its approval.


R K Singh
General Secretary

Copy To:

  1. The Secretary, Ministry of Civil Aviation

  2. All AAI Board Members

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