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Issues taken up with management - 2006



28 June 2006


The Chairman

Airports Authority of India

Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan

New Delhi- 110003


Appointment of Departmental Candidates for the post of Junior Executives (ATC)



Please refer to the office circular no. A.32014/03/2005-EA dated May 3, 2006 seeking applications from departmental candidates for the post of Junior Executives (ATC). Guild welcomes the move for introducing this fast track career progression scheme for the talented new-comers in the organisation.

ATC Guild (India) regrets to note that the qualifications asked for from the departmental candidates to apply for the post do not give fair opportunity to many Senior Assistants, who have about three years of experience. They are not eligible due to the fact that the qualification for the departmental candidates has been kept same as that of induction level, despite the objections raised by Guild in the past. ATC Guild (India) requests you to consider the following points:

  1. The departmental examination should take into account the experience earned by an employee.

  2. Total ignorance of experience is likely to trigger deep resentment among the ranks.

  3. If experience is ignored and R&P regulations are followed strictly, there will be only 15 eligible candidates for 48 vacancies advertised (15 graduate engineers out of 80 Senior Assistants).

  4. It has already been agreed that non-executive recruitment in CNS and ATM disciplines will be done away with, considering the nature of job and the responsibility associated in the profession.

  5. Out of 8 (Eight) Senior Assistant courses conducted at CATC in the last recruitment, 7 (Seven) best trainee awards has gone to the trainees with General Science qualifications and only one best trainee award to a trainee with engineering qualifications.

In view of the above mentioned facts we suggest that:

  1. Non-executives possessing prescribed induction level qualification shall be eligible for the departmental examination.

  2. Non-executives who do not possess the prescribed qualification but have at least two years experience as senior assistant (ATC) shall also be made eligible for the departmental examination.

With regards,

D K Behera
General Secretary

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