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Issues taken up with management - 2006



11 December 2006


The Chairman

Airports Authority of India

Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan

New Delhi- 110003


Appointment of departmental candidates to the post of Manager (E-3 level)



Airports Authority of India has invited application for the appointment of departmental candidates to the post of Manager (E-3 level) vide letter no. AAI/ED(PA)/MISC/2006 dated 08th December 2006. It is appreciated that the posts meant for Direct Recruitment quota (25%) has been made available for the departmental officers under the pet scheme ‘As a one time measure’. However, the decision of management in allowing aspiring Assistant Managers with one year service as on 30th November irrespective of Discipline/Division in which they are working is perplexing. It is not understood how somebody working in equipment directorate or engineering for one decade is suitable for a profession like Air Traffic Control. There is a requirement of testing job knowledge also. Somebody proficient in Equipment directorate may not be suitable for ATM discipline. It should not be forgotten that changing mind set is a Herculean task and ATC is not everybody’s cup of tea.

Management on one hand poses to be adamant in following R & P rules scrupulously and on the other hand takes decisions/relaxes rules to favour particular discipline in the guise of ‘one time measure’. In view of the wide spread resentment amongst the ATCOs it will be prudent on the part of management to review the decision. ATC Guild strongly feels that at this juncture when ATCOs and ATC profession in India is passing through a very critical phase, to avoid these disturbance will be a wise step on the part of Management. ATC Guild submits the following for early consideration:

  1. The appointment of departmental candidates to the post of Manager (E-3) level shall be limited to the discipline only.

  2. ATC is a specialized job and the available posts should be released to the available Assistant Managers only.

  3. If at all departmental examination is desirable, this should be based on experience and not on the basis of qualification.

  4. There are about 170 vacant posts in the ATM discipline in the grade of Manager primarily because of creation of posts and non-availability of eligible candidates in the discipline. Such post being operational, shall be released to the departmental candidates irrespective of their length in AM grade ‘As a one time measure’...

An early decision will go a long way in arresting the already prevailing resentment amongst Assistant Managers and boosting the morale of such officers.

With regards,

D K Behera
General Secretary

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