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Issues taken up with management - 2006



13 April 2006


The Chairman
Airports Authority of India
Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan
New Delhi


Up-gradation of ATC Automation Systems at Delhi and Mumbai


ATC Guild (India) has in a letter (No. CC/OPR-EQP/2006/1 of 21 February 2006) made a few concrete suggestions to the AAI management on the subject of upgradation of ATC automation systems. The letter pointed out that since the maintenance contract was expiring on April 2006, the management will be well advised to perceive it as an opportunity to meaningfully address the future challenges. But as is its wont, the AAI management didnít even consider the professional suggestions seriously, as is reflected from the fact that there was never a response to the letter.

Be that as it may, the Guild will still like to point out the followings as it is apprehensive that the AAI management through its short-sighted approach is going to saddle the ATCOs with systems that will have a negative bearing on flight safety in addition to making the transition to next generation systems anything but smooth.

  1. The upgradation that the AAI management is pitching for is only in hardware and lacks completely in upgradation of software like provision of a Flow Management System.

  2. No provision is being considered for retention of the existing HMI (Human Machine Interface) sub-system

  3. The replacement of hardware is being clubbed with proprietary software by the vendor. Accepting this will be a rank unintelligent move on the part of AAI as it will bind the AAI with a single vendor thus preventing it from upgrading or even making small need-based changes later at a competitive cost.

  4. AAI must ensure that the upgradation package of Hardware and Software is of open-architecture format and no proprietorship is involved so as to enable transition to next generation automation smoothly and at a competitive cost.

  5. ATC Ė on whose behalf this upgradation is being carried out is being grossly ignored. Such an attitude has the potential of critically impacting safety especially in present heavy traffic load scenario.

ATC Guild (India) requests that working ATCOs be actively involved while taking a final decision on signing the contract with Raytheon(vendor) to extract the best possible deal for the ATC (user) for whom flight safety is the ultimate goal.

With regards,

R K Singh
General Secretary


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