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Issues taken up with management - 2006



6 February 2006

The Chairman,
Airports Authority of India,
Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan,
New Delhi 110 003.

Follow-up actions on 7th January Meeting with AAI management


The ATC Guild (India) had a meeting with you, the Member (Ops), the Member (Finance), the then Executive Director (P&A) (now Member (P&A)) and the GM (Admin) on 7 January 2006.

To briefly recount, the following issues were taken up for discussion

  1. Manpower Issues:

    1. Manpower requirement: The proposal of creating additional 650 posts of ATCOs by ED (ATM) is pending since September 2004. The management said that there is a manpower committee headed by Ex-DDG Mr. Joshi which is looking into the issue and will submit its report by 31st January 2006. Guild stressed for an early settlement of the issue.

    2. Vacant posts: About 290 ATC posts are still lying vacant. The Guild advocated filling up of these vacancies at the earliest, latest by end of this year. The management agreed.

    3. Cadre restructuring: The Guild asked for restructuring of the ATC cadre within the sanctioned strength and in line with the proposed R&P rules.

  2. Training Issues:

    1. It was proposed that 600 controllers -including fresh recruits were to be trained at CATC as well at station level.

    2. Augmentation of Training resources: It was proposed to augment infrastructure at both CATC and station levels.

  3. Measures to manage traffic congestion at Delhi and Mumbai:

    1. To manage traffic congestion at Mumbai and Delhi and to meet future challenges, it was suggested that better controller tools and human-centered automation be adopted.

We regret that there is no visible development on these issues vis--vis the promises made in the meeting. Though almost a month has passed, even the minutes of the meeting have not been issued. This is a glaring pointer to the lackadaisical attitude of the management on issues concerning the ATC cadre.

The Guild is constrained to note that the assurances given by the top management of AAI are not being taken seriously. This, no doubt, reflects badly on functioning of the organisation. Accountability should be fixed and action should be taken in a time bound manner as these have direct impact on the safety of aircraft in the Indian skies as well as the image of AAI. We therefore request you to issue minutes of the meeting immediately and also detail the action taken, if any, in the last month.

ATC Guild (India) apprehends that the management is not willing to act on the conclusions reached on these issues. In case no visible results are forthcoming on the issues raised in the meeting in the coming days, the Guild will be forced to take up the issue with the higher authorities.

With Regards,

R K Singh
General Secretary

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