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Issues taken up with management - 2006



20 February 2006


The Chairman
Airports Authority of India
Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan
New Delhi


Instructor and OJT Instructor Allowance


Training relies on competent and dedicated instructors. For it to succeed, a period as a training instructor has to be perceived as a prized step towards career advancement. Considering the risk involved at station level training with live aircrafts and the financial loss, volunteers are not forthcoming for this purpose. Lack of positive direction from the management further deters individuals from becoming instructors. Lack of motivation of the remaining instructors, is giving rise to a situation where the training of Controllers will come to a standstill whether at CATC or at field stations in the near future.

In spite of our repeated requests to issue executive orders relating to CATC Instructor and OJT Instructor allowance being linked to the revised pay scale nothing has been done so far. The revised scale applicable from 1.1.97 has been introduced from April 2000. Even though the OJT and CATC Instructor allowances are related to basic pay, this allowance is being paid on pre-revised basic till now and the amount has been frozen since April 2000. Old basic has lost its relevance and for those recruited after April 2000, there is no old basic.

As per the CHQ letter no. A’60011/40/97-pp, dated 19 Nov 1997, CATC Instructor and OJT Instructor allowance was revised to 50% and 25% of the basic pay respectively. Whenever basic pay changed it should have been revised automatically. This issue has been raised by all Associations at all levels (from CATC to Chairman’s level during latter’s visit to CATC) since then but the AAI management has not cared to respond so far.

It is learnt that the management is in the process of reviewing the Instructor’s Allowance and considering bringing it down to a lump sum amount thereby de-linking it from the basic pay. ATC Guild vehemently opposes such a move. The management must keep in mind that an OJT Instructor from say, Delhi, if posted to CATC undergoes a monthly financial loss of more than Rs.10000/- along with other hardships which acts as a strong demotivating factor.

The AAI management in its wisdom took a decision in 1997 to link Instructor’s Allowance to Basic Pay in terms of percentage. Nothing has changed in these years to justify reduction in Instructor’s Allowance. A reduction in Instructor’s Allowance at this stage when more and more Instructors are needed to meet the overwhelming training needs will certainly not be a wise step.

It is requested to take immediate steps in clarifying this matter by issuing executive order effective from April 2000 as has been done for other allowances.


R K Singh
General Secretary

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