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Issues taken up with management - 2006



2 March 2006


The Chairman
Airports Authority of India
Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan
New Delhi


Lease v/s AAI Accommodation under Fringe Benefit Tax


The Government of India in its guidelines on Fringe Benefit Tax has stated that accommodations owned by the employer and accommodations on lease / rent by the employer are to be treated equally.

The Airports Authority of India treats these two kinds of accommodation provided by it to its employees differently, which as is apparent is in violation of the GOI guidelines.

The Guild is of the view that if AAI takes the following steps, it will be in conformity with the guidelines of GOI:

  1. 1. AAI presently charges 10% of the leased amount from its employees as rent. This should be brought at par with that charged from those who are staying in accommodation owned by AAI.

  2. 2. The leased accommodations should also be brought under the ambit of Fringe Benefit Tax as is the case with AAI owned accommodation.


R K Singh
General Secretary

Copy to:
All AAI Board Members

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