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Issues taken up with management - 2006



17 August 2006


The Chairman
Airports Authority of India
Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan
New Delhi-110003


Compensation to ATCOs for performing Additional duties



The issue of shortage of ATCOs, deployment for extra duties and compensation for performing additional duties have been raised and discussed at various levels in the past. Due to acute shortage of ATCOs, increase in air traffic and opening of new channels, ATCOs are being deployed to perform additional duties to cover unmanned but vital ATC channels. ATCOs are also being marked for additional duties on high risk channels during simultaneous operations of runways at Mumbai and Delhi.

We understand the need of the hour and are committed to perform these duties ignoring our relief periods, health hazards and social commitments. On the other hand, in spite of the AAI management agreeing to compensate the ATCOs on equitable terms, it has remained limited only to verbal assurances and nobody appears serious to resolve this issue on priority.

The compensations as provided in ED (P&A) letter No. A 60011/45/2006/40 dated 31.03.2006 is unreasonable as the remuneration formula offered does not include the basic pay and the DA of an individual. An ATCO performing additional duties has to come again for performing complete shift duty which involves the travel time, extra expenditure on traveling in addition to fatigue. These aspects require more weightage as these duties are performed during odd hours including duties before or after normal duties.

ATC Guild submits that :

  1. Additional duties shall be avoided as far as practicable since the human factor aspects are directly related to safe operation of flights.

  2. Only those officers willing to accept extra load may be deployed incase it is inevitable to manage the shift. Consecutive night duties shall be avoided.

  3. This arrangement should be a short term measure. Efforts should be made to expedite training programmes at CATC and at station level.

  4. Not more than six extra duties should be assigned to an individual per month.

  5. Watch Supervisory Officers (WSO) shall be given the liberty to adopt dynamic sectorization i.e. open additional sectors only when it is needed.

  6. A minimum compensation of 1.5 times of the Basic Pay, DA, Rating allowance, stress allowance and instructor allowance may be provided for on pro-rata basis for each extra duty performed.

Your early intervention is requested to break the stalemate situation prevailing and the growing discontentment amongst ATCOs over this issue. The matter may please be accorded priority as ATCOs are performing these extra duties for many months without any compensation so far.

Assuring you of our best cooperation at all times.

With regards,

D K Behera
General Secretary

Copy to: Member (OPS), AAI, for information and necessary action please.

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