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15 Nov

Regional Councils' Notices (CATC)

Inclusion of Recognized Associations into AAI Quarter Allotment Committee at CATC

12 Nov

IFATCA Weekly Electronic Newsletter

IWEN 45 of 2018 (Access Code: tajmahal)

9 Nov

Regional Councils' Notices (Northern)

SRST of INDRA automation system at IGI Airport

6 Nov


IFATCA - The Controller - November 2018

5 Nov

Regional Councils' Notices (CATC)

Requirement of additional manpower at CATC, Allahabad

IFATCA Weekly Electronic Newsletter

IWEN 44 of 2018 (Access Code: tajmahal)

29 Oct

IWEN 43 of 2018 (Access Code: tajmahal)

22 Oct

IWEN 42 of 2018 (Access Code: tajmahal)

Regional Councils' Notices (CATC)

Surveillance Course Nomination from CATC, Allahabad

20 Oct

Guild Circulars

Best Wishes from the General Secretary

Regional Councils' Notices (Northern)

Meeting with Sh. R A Meena

18 Oct

Regional Councils' Notices (CATC)

Minutes of General Body Meeting held on 10.10.2018


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Guild Membership Register

ATC Guild (India) membership list has been prepared after inclusion of all the names sent by the Regional Secretaries as on 02.04.2017

IFATCA Weekly Email News (IWEN)

(Access Code : tajmahal)

IFATCA Technical & Professional Manual 2018

IWENs are produced and distributed worldwide to all IFATCA members by Joy Bhattacharya, Technical & Professional Secretary, IFATCA. If you wish to include any material in IWEN, you can send it to

Issues Taken up

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The Guild raises and pursues issues with the management and relevant others for the benefit of its members. Such issues are normally brought to the notice of powers-that-be through letters.


AAI Notices

2005|2006|2007|2008|2009|2010|2011|2012|2013|2014|2015|2016 |2017 | 2018

All Notices, Circulars and Orders issued by Airports Authority of India which are of interest to Guild members are available here. These are categorised year wise and cross-hyperlinked for easy reference.

Guild Circulars

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The councils of the Guild bring out circulars from time to time for the members. These circulars, resolutions and the like are compiled here.



Regional Councils' Notices

CATC| Northern| North-Eastern| Eastern| Southern| Western

Regional Councils of the Guild performs a stellar role in the federal structure of the Guild. They take up issues pertaining to their regional membership and also advices the Central Executive Council from time to time. The issues/notices issued by the Regional Councils are available here.

Seniority Lists

Do you have an idea of your place in the seniority lists of the Airports Authority of India. The latest seniority lists brought out by the AAI are here for your viewing.




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