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Sunday, 20th October 2013


Dear Sir/Madam,

On the occasion of International Day of the Air Traffic Controllers’, ATC Guild (India), like every year, is organizing a Seminar on the 20th October 2013 at NDMC Convention Centre, New Delhi. The title of the seminar ‘Indian ATM: Fostering growth... looking beyond future’ is quite relevant at this juncture where Civil Aviation industry is facing a huge challenge of sustenance while ensuring safety. The platform in the form of this seminar gives an ideal opportunity to unite all stake holders in ATM. It is an international event organised for the ATM, with the ATM, providing an independent view of the skies, and a platform inclusive of all ATM stakeholders.

The ATC Guild’s earlier seminars since 2004 welcomed attendees who included senior representatives from ANSPs, CAAs, governments, airports, airlines, military organisations, consultancies, associations and research institutions. It also featured more opportunities to network and learn than ever.

Attendees benefited from:

  • Meeting face to face with leading ATM technology suppliers showcasing products and services from all sectors

  • Sharing knowledge with ATM experts at the free workshops and seminars

  • Networking with colleagues at a range of informal events after hours

Since 2004, ATC Guild Seminars provide an unrivalled networking and business platform for companies operating within the global air traffic management (ATM) industry. If your organisation provides any of the following products or services and is looking forward to investing in India, this should be an ideal event for you:

ATC Towers/Mobile Control Towers, Aeronautical Information Systems/Management, Airfield Operations, Antennas, Avionics, Consoles, Consultancy, Voice & Data-Link Communications, Environmental Monitoring, Flight Data Processing Systems, FANS, GPS, Ground Handling, Ground-based Navigational Aids, Installation Services, Headsets, Runway Lighting, Meteorological Equipment/Services, Modular Systems Furniture, Precision Landing Systems, Remote Maintenance Monitoring, Satellite Navigation Networks, Software, Surveillance Systems, Research and Development, Simulators, Training Equipment and Courses and much more.

Representatives from your organisation are cordially invited to attend this Seminar, which will provide extensive information on venturing and expanding into aerospace domain.

Kindly inform the Air Traffic Controllers’ Guild (India) of your participation or that of any person designated by you.

With best regards,

M K Sinha
General Secretary

D K Behera


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